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Gasoline was a little cheaper back on
January 5, 1999. Click on the image for a short
QuickTime movie at the gas station.

Check out my deviated septum.
It's old news but it's been here friggen' forever and
has made my page a high rated site by Google.
For those of you considering the surgery, go for it!


The coolest toys of all time came from the sixties.
Check out my collection.

A classic Elgin Father Time.

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ButchsWildRide.mp4 Butch's Wild dune buggy ride
MP4 Movie. 31 MB.
Taken in the coal regions of Pennsylvania.
Butch fought the hill and the hill won. Scary nasty!

CharlieBuggy.mp4 Charlie's Wild dune buggy ride
MP4 Movie. 31 MB.
Taken in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey on Memorial Day
weekend of 1985 with the Sand Seekers of South Jersey.
Charlie shows how it's done -- or maybe not.
Did you know the Sand Seekers? Email me.

The Plymouth Rapid Transit System

My 1974 Javelin. Those were the days!

Cole finds a four-leaf clover.

     John Graham tunes in MP3 format.
Look for a Brighter Way (actual name unknown)
That Time Is Now (actual name unknown)
The Hematrak Song

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