Guindon-apolis Speedway

Keith and Deb Guindon, Owners/Operators
760 Cumberland Street
Lebanon, PA 17042

Mon-Thu: 4-9 PM ET
Fri: 4-10 PM ET
Sat: 9:30 AM - 10 PM
Sun: 2-9 PM

Guindon-apolis Speedway (pronounced "Gin-den" with a hard 'g' as in "grape") is
located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. This is the same Guindon-apolis Speedway
which used to operate in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania prior to February 2004.

Historically, Guindon-apolis only carried 1/24th and 1/32nd scale slot cars. With
the passing of Richard Kipp and the closing of Kipp's HO Race Way, Guindon-apolis
stepped in to fill the void. Everybody has been asking what happened to Kipp's huge
inventory. Well, this is who bought it. Guindon-apolis has a room in the back pretty
much full of Kipp's old inventory and it spills out into the main race floor and his
cars can be found it yet another room with the HO tracks.

(Click on any image to see in full size)
   Front door   
   The boy and I drop in on Jan. 8, 2005 to check it out. As with the previous
location in Fredericksburg, Guindon-apolis resides in an old bank.
   Front door   
   Nice sign!
   Front door   
   The first track will make your eyeballs pop out. It's huge!
There's a drag strip along the left wall, too.
   Front door   
   A look over to the right reveals another track.
   Front door   
   Nothing like a bank vault to keep your rare slot car collection safe!
   Front door   
   A look toward the front of the store shows the sales counter and front door.
   Front door   
   Another room in the back has yet another track. He calls this the Reading Raceway (or something to that effect).
   Front door   
   Another room and more tracks. These are routed HO tracks.
   Front door   
   Here's a better look at the second HO track -- a tri-oval. Some of
Kipp's old parts and cars wait to be organized.

gtw 1/08/2005