Sadly, Richard Kipp, (a.k.a. 'Kipp' of Kipp's Slotcar Hobby Shop in Lebanon) passed
away in 2004. He was believed to be in his early 70's. We will all miss him.
God, I really miss him.

Kipp ran a fantastic slot car shop in his basement from the 1960's until he died
in 2004. He was a cantankerous old coot anyone who ever met him can never forget.
He was full of antics. For example, he had his "I gotta run" trap. If you said
you "gotta run," he pointed to a sign by the door that said "No Running." :-)

I leave this page up to help others remember him.


(Click on image to see a little QuickTime movie of Kipp's shop)
(Click on image to see an MP4 movie of Kipp's shop)

HO Sprint Car Bodies by Kipp
Available for Tyco 440X2 or Aurora AFX cars

Kipp's HO Race Way
1105 Lehman St.
Lebanon, PA 17042
Mon-Fri: 6-9 PM ET
Sat: 1-5 PM
Sun: 2-5 PM, 6-9 PM ET